Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pain In The Neck

Literally...I've had a pain in my neck since I woke up this morning.  Ugh.  I hate when that happens.  Although I tried every pain killer in my cupboard (not all at once!), a heating pad, multiple stretching exercises and even a massage from Gary the pain hasn't budged all day. 

In spite of it though I had such a good day.  Especially this morning.  Gary and I went into the woods to accomplish two things; hunting and cutting some greenery for decorating our deck railing.  We didn't get very far with the hunting because the roads were so slick that Gary couldn't get the truck up any of the hills.  But we did have fun trekking through the snow looking for nice branches to cut.

We then headed home, got changed out of old hunting clothes into proper clothes and went to town to do our weekly grocery shopping.  After shopping Gary took me out for lunch to a tool store.  Ok, that sounds funny.  But here's the story...a couple from our church barbecues hotdogs outside of a local tool store every Saturday and sells them by donation.  All the money goes to a local mission.  So we decided to check it out today.  I was not disappointed (being a lover of hotdogs!) although it was pretty chilly standing outside in the wind eating my lunch.

After lunch we decided to go to my favorite nursery, Art Knapp, where other church friends of ours were singing for the open house that was happening today.  The place was packed so it was a bit difficult to peruse all of the beautiful Christmas decorations that were for sale.  But I still enjoyed myself.

The rest of the day was spent trying to deal with the pain in my neck.  Seeing as I got nowhere with it I was unable to go to church this evening.  Paige stayed home with me as Gary was going to a friend's house right after church to watch UFC.  The two of us girls watched a couple of Christmas movies while munching on popcorn.  It did take my mind off my pain for a little bit.  But now I'm going to take a couple of Tylenol 3 and hit the hay.  Hopefully my neck will be back to normal tomorrow as I've got another full day of fun planned!

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Rachel said...

I had a kink in my should that lasted an entire WEEK at the beginning of the month. I feel your pain.